Train. Perform. Advance.

At SABRE Softball, we provide an unparalleled, year-round club softball experience that is dedicated to nurturing player development. Our commitment to every player’s growth is unwavering, and we strive to not only meet but exceed their athletic goals through our comprehensive training program.

Leveraging advanced technology and our team of experienced coaches, we aim to elevate each athlete’s performance on the field, while also fostering their development into well-rounded individuals off the field. We firmly believe in the power of hard work, and uphold the conviction that teams who are dedicated to diligent practice are teams destined for victory.

Winning comes in all forms; The Cages, The Field, The Classroom, The Home.

S– Sacrifice
A– Attitude
B– Belief
R– Resilience

Under the direction of Coach Paul Segnello, SABRE Softball is built for players who want to learn from the best to play against the best.

  • Team training begins in December
  • Teams will participate in events throughout the NJ/PA/NY region with higher level teams participating in events beyond the immediate area
  • Training and practices will take place on fields and at facilities located in North & Central N.J.
    • Indoor space includes In The Zone facility in Flanders, NJ as well as other Morris County indoor facilities
  • More On Program Features
  • SABRE Softball looks for players with the right Attitude, that Hustle, are Focused & Committed and are ready to WORK
  • More on What We Look For In A Player

All tryouts will require a metrics capture, certified by the coach conducting the tryout.

  • Running / Baserunning Speeds
  • Positional Throwing Velocity
  • Pitching Metrics
  • Catching Metrics
  • Hitting Metrics
  • Tryout Registration

Players may be asked to attend more than one tryout at Coach Paul’s discretion.

Coach Paul Segnello

“Get the little things right, and the big things will fall into place.”