What A 5 Tool Player Means To Us


What it means to us….

  • Team & teammates are 1st

  • Show up & be prepared to work hard

  • Stay engaged

  • Do what is asked of you

  • Trust the process

  • Trust your coaches

A player’s attitude…

  • Towards the game

  • Towards other players

  • Towards opponents

  • Towards their coaches

  • Towards their teachers

  • Towards academics

  • Towards their parents

  • Most importanly, towards themselves

Why players that believe are important to us.

  • Overcome self-doubt and build confidence

  • Prepared to take action, stay in control & reduce distractions

  • Players stay in the moment & put mistakes behind them quickly

  • Trust themselves to do what they say they will do and the efforts will result in desired outcomes

  • Manage emotions better, leading to a more productive state to compete

Are you ready to work?

  • Teams perform strongest together when every member of the team has a high work ethic

  • The difference between average and elite is a willingness to work hard

  • Resiliency and a high work ethic are skills that can and should be developed and improved upon

  • Resiliency is a combination of all the qualities we look for, delivered consistently by the player; sacrifice, attitude, belief, work ethic, and effort

One of the most important qualities a player can have.

  • Bring everything you have, all of the time

  • Leave nothing behind

  • Hustling is contagious

  • Run everything out, no matter what

  • Hustle = Passion

  • Maximum effort, every play