The SABRE Showcase Program is a comprehensive initiative designed to provide promising athletes with the exposure they need to take their game to the next level. With a host of opportunities and resources, this program is aimed at giving prospects the best chance to succeed.

Year Round Support & Guidance
Key Features

To help aspiring athletes soar higher, our SABRE program involves active college coaches throughout the year, offering them guidance and support at every stage. Our student-athletes get the benefit of personalized online profile pages and continuous recruitment assistance. Plus, they get the exciting opportunity to play at premier college showcase events, among other perks. It’s all about giving them the best shot at reaching the next level in their athletic journey!

The program offers weekly practices where college coaches are in attendance. This offers athletes an unprecedented opportunity to showcase their skills in front of key decision-makers. The program also hosts college showcase events that guarantee exposure, ensuring that each participant’s talents are noticed.

Understanding the recruiting process is crucial for any prospective college athlete. That’s why the SABRE Showcase Program includes a college recruiting seminar and an application and essay workshop. These resources help athletes navigate the often complex world of college applications and recruiting.

To further aid in the recruiting process, the program offers workshops on contacting coaches, creating engaging profile pages, and effective email marketing strategies. Participants also get access to a national database of college coaches across all divisions.

We assure our players the invaluable opportunity to showcase their skills directly to college coaches and recruitment coordinators. We firmly believe that the hours spent practicing in the cage and playing on the field gain true significance when they lead to greater exposure. This is our promise and unwavering commitment to all our players. We don’t just say it, we guarantee it.

To gear up for the summer schedule, our team engages in rigorous winter training sessions under the watchful eyes of our coaching staff. We provide players with video analysis in hitting, pitching, and fielding, using it as a powerful tool for performance enhancement.

Our services include personal introductions to hundreds of head and assistant college coaches across the nation, opening doors and creating opportunities for our athletes. We also run personalized email campaigns and schedule follow-ups to maintain ongoing dialogue with these coaches, ensuring our athletes are always top of mind. Our mission is to prepare players for High School and beyond. We aim to serve our athletes at a completely different level, providing a blueprint for college recruiting success and saving families time and money.